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Shea Vitti

    I am a mother and a portrait photographer. One of the most incredible things about being a mother is I realize that I don’t exist in photos. Now I spend my life showing women how to exist in photographs.

    One day your children are going to look for photos of you. They’re going to look back and what are they going to find? Nothing, because you’re always behind the camera. Trust me I know, that is where I try to stay too. I have heard all the excuses, hell, I’ve said all the excuses “I need to lose 20 pounds” “I don’t feel beautiful”.

    My job is making the women that get in front of my camera and look and feel gorgeous.

Your children think you are beautiful now and will own these images for their lifetime.

    I invite you to experience a magazine style photo session with me because you deserve to exist is photos. You’re a mother, you’re a wife. You’re a goddess and you’re an incredible woman and I want to show you that.



Hair & makeup


You and I will discuss how you would like to be photographed. Go over everything you need to know about your session.

Come into the the studio and get pampered by our wonderful make-up artist.

We will style you with the wardrobe that your bring and the in studio wardrobe.



reveal & order

During your photo shoot I will direct you on poses and expression so you won't have to worry.

After your session, I will pick out the very best images and edit them. Removing any blemish or cellulite.

You will come back to the studio to view the personalized video and select your photos. Purchase only what you love.


Session fee $150

Portraits start at $200 and go up from there

Collections start at $500 and go up from there

Purchase only what you love.

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